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Whadaya Expect From A Miraculous Book?

Early critics in the 1800s denied the existence of Abraham’s hometown, Ur of the Chaldees (Gn 11:31). This continued until Sir Leonard Wooley’s systematic excavations from 1922-34 uncovered the immense ziggurat or temple tower at Ur near the nouth of the Euphrates in Mesopotamia. The name “Abraham” appears in Mesopotamian records, and the various nationalities the patriarch encountered, as recorded in Genesis, are entriely consistent with the peoples known at that time and place. Other details in the biblical account regarding Abraham, such as the treaties he made with neighboring rulers and even the price of slaves, mesh well with what is known elsewhere in the history of the ancient Near East (Maier, “Christian Research Journal,” 27:02, 2004, citation of Kenneth Kitchen, “The Patriarchal Age Myth or History?” “Biblical Archaeology Review,” Mar-Apr, 1995, 48ff).