Abortion Apologist Has Habit of Ignoring Basic Science | thebereancall.org

TBC Staff

An abortion supporter needs to learn basic biology, says a pro-life activist, about when life begins and what makes a fetus a human being.

Utah abortionist Leah Torres has become semi-famous on social media for making outrageous statements about abortion and the issue of life.

Lauren Enriquez of the Human Coalition tells OneNewsNow that Torres recently suggested on Twitter that a preborn baby must get permission to be in a woman's womb.

"The logic behind it is actually non-existent," Enriquez insists. "And the idea here is that a preborn child needs permission to reside in the body of its mother, so Torres argues that anything she doesn't want inside of her body she has the moral right and the ability to remove."

But that's not how pregnancy works: intimacy between a man and a woman creates a human life that is not the same as a cancer tumor.

"And so the thing that I want pro-lifers to realize and recognize about this new apologetic," says Enriquez, "is that it really represents the desperation of the abortion movement to continue to justify the position that it holds."

(Charlie Butts, “Abortion apologist has habit of ignoring basic science,” OneNewsNow Online, 12/5/18).