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TBC Staff

ACLU inconsistent applying 'right to life'

By Charlie Butts

An argument favoring the "right to life" has emerged from -- of all places -- a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union.

In an unlikely statement, the ACLU admits to a fundamental right to life. In its lawsuit against the Obama administration for targeted killings of terrorists, ACLU lawyer Arthur Spitzer stated in the complaint: "The right to life is the most fundamental of all rights." But in a recent column for OneNewsNow, American Civil Rights Union senior fellow Bob Knight says the statement is odd since the ACLU is ardently pro-abortion.

"They'll find a right to life for terrorists, but not for unborn babies," he points out, "because that interferes with their slavish devotion to the abortion agenda -- as evidenced by their Reproductive Freedom Project, which opposes any form of morality regarding human sexuality."

According to Knight, that ACLU project goes even further. "It is relentlessly campaigning for everything from teaching kindergarteners about homosexuality to keeping abortion mills free from any regulation that might even protect the women who are going there," the columnist laments. "They don't even want them to have the same medical standards as any outpatient clinic."

Knight says it would be nice if the ACLU applied to unborn babies the same philosophy of life it has for terrorists -- but admits that is not likely to happen.