African Bishops Holding the Line |

TBC Staff

The Anglican Church (Church of England) has a gathering of church leaders from around the world called the Lambeth Conference. They discuss issues, review doctrine, and vote on decisions that must be made. Like many denominations, the issue of "human sexuality" has been part of the discussions since at least 1998. At that conference, the late Bishop John Shelby Spong was leading the charge to embrace and codify the ordination of gays and approve same-gender marriage. To his shock, it didn't pass, and instead, "1998 Lambeth Resolution 1.10" was passed. It is reported that his intolerance and racism were exposed to the gathering when he said something like: The reason this didn't pass is because the African Bishops have been so recently converted from paganism.

It seems the Bishop from Uganda didn't waste time in responding with: The reason John Shelby Spong voted for this is that he has been so recently converted to paganism!

David W. Virtue, DD comments in, "Former Newark Episcopal Bishop John Shelby Spong is Dead”: Spong was also a racist. At the 1998 Lambeth Conference, he confronted a number of African evangelical bishops and called their views on the Bible "superstitious." He was forced to apologize by then Presiding Bishop Frank Griswold.

While Spong has passed away, the activism by the LGBTQA+ ranks has not. However, the African Bishops are still holding the line on the biblical teaching of human sexuality. An associate in the UK alerted us to "Conservative bishops to meet Archbishop of Canterbury over plans to present new resolution on homosexuality" by Tola Mbakwe The LGBTQA+ activists have proposed a resolution which would essentially prevent any from speaking against their views. The African Bishops have drafted a document affirming their original position in 1998 that appears will be signed by about 75% of the attendees, During a press conference, they stated: 

Archbishop Justin said in a press conference on Friday: "For too long the Anglican Communion has been driven by the views of the West. 

"We often feel that our voice is not listened to, or respected. We invite each primate and bishop to sign up to our resolution, and then with the majority of the Communion in favour, for the Instruments of the Anglican Communion to find ways to put faith and order back at the heart of what the Archbishop of Canterbury describes as 'walking together'."

Evangelicals would do well to look to Scripture for their beliefs and not be "driven by the views of the West.”