All together now |

TBC Staff

Ecumenism’s many Pied Pipers play an irresistibly seductive tune that exalts “unity” above truth, turns love into prostitution, and the church into a whore as foretold in Revelation 17 and 18. Doctrine is despised, experience is glorified, and correction is forbidden as “divisive.” “Christian psychologists” have persuaded most of the church that an unholy union between Christ and such antichrists as Freud, Jung, et al., is biblical and essential. Zealous to get others to accept the gospel, we have, as Oswald Chambers warned, manufactured “a gospel acceptable to people” which is packaged in the world’s appealing language of self-love, self-esteem, selfworth, self ad nauseum.

Satan’s strategy has long been to install his “ministers of righteousness” (2 Cor 11:15) inside the church to corrupt the truth, and he has done so effectively. His ultimate aim is to deceive mankind into thinking that his Antichrist is really the Christ and to bring the world to his feet in worship. Two things are necessary if this scheme is to succeed: (1) a gradual change in the view generally held by those who call themselves Christians relative to (a) who Christ is, (b) what He came to accomplish, and (c) in what manner and for what purpose He will return to the earth; and (2) a gradual preparation of the world to embrace a “positive Christianity” that is acceptable to every religion.

---Dave Hunt, “The Berean Call,” January 1991