Angelic Escort Given |

TBC Staff

[TBC: The statements made by some in the Charismatic movement often direct attention to their alleged power and authority.]

Angelic Escort Given

As Matt stepped off the plane into the Colombian airport he was met by several angels. As he walked through the terminal he could feel the presence of God ministering to him in a powerful way. The year before the Lord had Matt prophetically decree a release of the Revival Angel over Columbia. On his return trip God gave him a heavenly escort to his hotel. He could still feel waves of God going over him in the hotel lobby. He knew God had a special purpose for the weekend.

(Over 6,000 Moved Upon by Holy Spirit in Colombia, Matt Sorger Ministries, October 9, 2007.)

Comment added on November 21, 2007:

[TBC: Although we referred to "the alleged power and authority" of some in the Charismatic movement, some readers felt that our comments should have been more detailed concerning our objections. We do have concerns regarding the unverifiable claims made by individuals in the "New Apostolic Movement," who make increasingly grandiose claims (often lifting themselves up) and yet produce no documentation for their claims. In contrast, we note the account in Acts:4:14 in which the Pharisees were speechless when "beholding the man which was healed standing with them, they could say nothing against it."]