Anglicans Prepare for Defections |

TBC Staff

Worshippers Prepare For Church Defection [Excerpts]

Hundreds of disillusioned Anglicans could defect to the Roman Catholic Church in time for Lent.

The split among Church of England worshippers follows a campaign by former bishop Father Keith Newton.

He has appealed for people to leave the church over its stance on the ordination of women and gay clergy.

Instead, defectors are being encouraged to join the Ordinariate, a special branch of Catholicism established by the Pope to welcome former Protestants.

The efforts of the Archbishop of Canterbury have not been enough to stop Anglicans making the split he had hoped to avoid.

The feared defections began in earnest last month - with three Church of England bishops converting to the Roman Catholic Church.

(Enright, Sky News, UK, Sunday February 06, 2011)

[TBC: Though these Anglicans can see the clear teaching of The Bible on some moral issues, it is distressing that they cannot or will not recognize the false gospel of Rome that is adamantly opposed to the biblical gospel.]