Apples of Gold - May 22 |

Hunt, Dave

When we first become believers, it is often frustrating to see how little we seem to understand. Recognizing our lack of understanding is good, provided we take steps to move beyond it. How can we study the Bible and get the truth—not our own understanding of the truth? As you diligently read, study, and seek to obey God’s Word, the Holy Spirit will cause your understanding to grow in the truth of the Scriptures. The more you grow in understanding, the easier it will be to recognize teachings that are not consistent with sound doctrine. The process is self-correcting, helping your own misunderstandings as well as the erroneous teachings of others. It will also help you to confidently glean more from those whom God has gifted to be teachers of His Word.

"Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path."