Question: What is the correct biblical use of faith? |

Hunt, Dave

Question: What is the correct biblical use of faith?

Response: Very simply, faith must have an object. In Mark:11:22 Jesus said, "Have faith in God." One has faith in something or someone. Faith is absolute, total trust. There is no one and nothing in the universe that deserves our complete 100-percent faith except God. It is absurd to say that God is a faith God or has faith. In whom does God have faith? Because we are little gods under God, "in God's class" as Capps, Cho, et al. teach, they say we can "speak the creative word" also. These men have turned faith into a power that God used to create the world. They say that this power is contained in words, that God released His faith by speaking words, and that we can do the same. That is not biblical. And I am not the only one who says so. The Assemblies of God have an official booklet condemning such teaching. In fact, this so called "faith teaching" is believed by only a small fraction of the evangelical, born-again Christians today.