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Knox, John

You must at once so purge and expel all dregs of Papistry, superstition and idolatry that you, O England! must judge and hold execrable and accursed whatsoever God has not sanctified unto you by His Word....The glistering beauty of vain ceremonies, the heaping of things pertaining nothing to edification (by whomsoever they were invented, justified or maintained), ought at once to be removed, and so trodden under the obedience of God’s Word, that continually this sentence of your God be present in your heart and mouth: “Not that which appeareth good in thy eyes shalt thou do to the Lord thy God, but what the Lord thy God hath commanded thee, that shalt thou do: add nothing to it; diminish nothing from it.”

—John Knox, Selected Writings of John Knox,
 p. 595; impassioned plea to England, after the death of Bloody Mary in November 1558 ended the persecution and martyrdom of evangelicals and opened the door again to the gospel