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The time is short: seek little here below:

Earth’s goods would cumber thee, and drag thee down;

Let daily food suffice; care not to know

Thought for tomorrow; it may never come.

Thou canst not perish, for thy Lord is nigh,

And His own care will all thy need supply.


Nor does God require of His children great skill or learning: it is only love which he regards. If this be sincere and fervent, free from disguise and dissimulation, God takes more pleasure and delight in it, than in all the knowledge and wisdom, in all the art and talent that any man upon earth, in his best works, can possibly exhibit.  Wherever this divine love is wanting, there all wisdom and knowledge, all works and gifts, are altogether unprofitable.  They are accounted fain and dead, as a mere body without life (1 Cor:13:1-2).

   John Arndt(1555-1621)