Question: Last night on Larry King Live, Billy Graham spoke about the pope…. Here is some of the transcript. Please let your readers know what BG said and what you think of it... |

TBC Staff

Question: Last night on Larry King Live, Billy Graham spoke about the pope…. Here is some of the transcript. Please let your readers know what BG said and what you think of it:

GRAHAM: I appreciate the opportunity of saying a word about the Pope… he has been the greatest moral and spiritual leader of the last 100 years.

KING: Really? Why do you put him that high?

GRAHAM: I’ve been to see him several times. I was preaching in Krakow in [his] cathedral…as his guest…at the time he was [in Rome] being made Pope….I don’t know anybody else that I could put as high as he is. He’s traveled the whole world, giving his version of the Gospel and spreading the Catholic faith….I was with him…three times at the Vatican…. And on one occasion I asked him to pray for me, which he did….He is the leader, spiritual and moral, of our generation.

Answer: This is nothing new. In Occult Invasion, I give the transcripts of even more shocking statements by Billy Graham on Larry King Live and on Schuller’s Hour of Power many years ago. I’ve never heard him refer, however, to the Pope’s “version of the gospel and spreading the Catholic faith.” Is Graham finally admitting that there is a difference between Catholicism and the true gospel? If so, he still praises the Pope for his “version of the gospel” and calls him the “greatest spiritual leader.”  Billy has led many people to Christ, but he has also led multitudes astray with his praise of the Pope and Roman Catholicism.

People think that Billy Graham has changed, and excuse him because he is elderly. But he has been making similar statements for more than 50 years. He has said that he [Billy] preaches the same gospel as the Roman Catholic Church, that he and the Pope agree on almost everything and that any differences are not material as far as the gospel is concerned—that his beliefs are basically the same as those of orthodox Roman Catholics. Catholics who go forward at a Billy Graham Crusade are “counseled” by priests and nuns. All of the names of Catholics who go forward are sent to their parish. I have files from bishops and cardinals in various cities saying that having a Billy Graham Crusade in town is the way they get “the lapsed Catholics back into the Church.”

Billy had been invited to Cardinal Wojtyla’s cathedral in 1979 to preach. He gave several sermons there while the Cardinal was in Rome being made Pope. Obviously, Graham didn’t say anything that Polish prelates didn’t endorse. Decision magazine showed a picture of Billy on that same trip welcoming pilgrims to the shrine of the black virgin (the Pope’s favorite “Mary”) at Jasna Gora. It seems that Billy doesn’t want to offend anyone, doesn’t want to say that anything is wrong—not even Sir John Marks Templeton’s one-world Antichrist religion, which Billy has also praised (as have Chuck Colson and Bill Bright).

The Roman Catholic gospel denies that Christ’s sacrifice was sufficient. Its priesthood “immolates” Him on Catholic altars over and over in the “sacrifice of the Mass.” A Catholic is anathematized if he dares to say that he knows he is saved. He is anathematized if he says that the sacrifice of Christ on the cross was sufficient to procure forgiveness of sins and a home in heaven. He is anathematized if he denies that the Mass is an ongoing propitiatory sacrifice to be offered for the sins of the living and the dead, etc. We have dealt with this so often in books, tapes, debates and in the newsletter that I won’t go into it again.

We have reported the ecumenism of the Pope, his gathering of Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, animist, Shintoist, etc. leaders for “prayer” and declaring that they are all praying to the same God, his statements to Hindus in India that the world needs to give heed to their great spiritual traditions, his statements to voodoo priests in Africa that just as they worship ancestors so the Catholics pray to ancestors also and that voodoo practitioners could easily embrace Catholicism, etc. Our readers know the facts. How can Billy Graham, who also knows the facts, call the Pope the greatest moral and spiritual leader of the century? In fact, he is the greatest leader the world has yet seen, but of the ecumenical move toward the one world religion of the Antichrist