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TBC Staff

Mr. Hunt,
I cannot thank you enough for your diligence in researching all the deceptions that are occurring in "Christendom." Sometimes the widespread deception is overwhelming. Over the past couple of years I have spoken to other "believers" about what I have seen and what you have exposed. At the present time, I have no close friends because of it....I became a Catholic at sixteen because I was to marry a Catholic man. At eighteen, we were married and were in the Catholic Church for 10 years....Having been raised in a Protestant church, after ten years in the Catholic Church I returned to the reading of the Word and began seeing many disturbing things within the church....Later [my husband] trusted Christ and we left the church together....My husband has been preaching for more than ten years now....After leaving the church, my husband felt a sense of betrayal that the Church had taught him all the lies that he learned in Catholic education. All of this to say that we are astonished at how many believers are beginning to believe that Catholicism is just another Christian denomination. When we tell them what we know, they don't want to believe us....If our Christianity is based on current popular opinion instead of biblical truth, it is easy to see why so many people in the Protestant church are being led astray. We attend a New Testament assembly. It is dying out, the people are elderly and the younger ones want all the programs, hype, and entertainment of the modern church and either attend other denominational churches or do not attend at all.... GW (WA)

Dear TBC,
I think T.A. McMahon was kind and fair in his appraisal of The Purpose-Driven Life. Personally, to those pastors who are "good Christians," if people stop coming to your church—close up and start a Bible study in your home. We don't need to water down the gospel in any way. Go out on the streets witnessing. Most people are not saved in America, and they never will be until they face the truth that they need to be and that Jesus Christ is the only provision God has made. TA (CA)

Dear Brother Hunt,
I had hopes for you, as I know you must love God, but it appears the lifelong dispensational drivel you have been indoctrinated with is just too strong to allow the truth of God's Torah to break through. I will continue to pray for you and T.A., but in the meantime, please cancel my subscription to your newsletter. You might also change the name from The Berean Call to The Hunt-McMahon Version of the Bible. May YHVH forgive you in love. RP (OR)

Dear Brother Hunt,
Now and then I join with a few friends who, like myself, came out of the Roman Catholic Church. The very first thing said at this last get-together was, "Did you read the recent article "Earnestly Contend" by Hunt? Another good piece of interesting, informative reading! I have the revised 2000 edition of Halley's Bible Handbook. It was given to me as a gift. And upon comparing it to my older edition, I find it disgusting. As you mentioned, it "eliminated references to the RCC's heresies and the millions of evangelical Christians slaughtered by Rome." And the departure from the true gospel by very well known evangelicals is very disappointing and baffling. Yes, let's "earnestly contend for the faith once delivered to the saints." GC (IL)

Good Afternoon,
I am thankful for the book, The Seduction of Christianity....I belonged to a...sales company and was one of the top one percent in leadership, but I always felt uncomfortable with their "positive confessions," visualization, etc....I became very discouraged and prayed for direction....After attending a Bible study that showed me that these were occultic activities, I resigned. I said goodbye to a big paycheck....I am still unemployed, but I know I've done the right thing, especially after reading only the first couple of chapters of Seduction. BZ (email)

Dear Brethren,
Your December 2005 issue was great, especially the article, "Wonderful Love." I, too, grieve over the shallowness of today's "worship" songs. [Someone] taught me as a young Christian the definition of worship: "Lord, save my soul" is prayer; "Thank you, Lord, for saving my soul" is praise; "Thank you, Lord for what Thou art" is worship. HP (NY)

Hi Dave,
I'm sending out your "Shameful Ironies" [Feb. '06] masterpiece to as many Protestant and Lutheran churches in the city as I can. I wish that all [who] got your newsletter would do this.... BA (NE)

Dear Dave,
Thanks for your book, What Love Is This? I read it as a Calvinist when it came out because I wanted to see what all the hub-bub was about. I wanted to see if you were as incompetent as all the Calvinists claimed you were. In short, I ended up realizing what a leaky boat I was in and promptly got out. Your book is dangerous to any open-minded Calvinist! JB (email)