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Dear T. A. McMahon,
Thank you for the article ["Divine Opportunities"]. God timed it just right for me. It arrived 2/13/09 and I am scheduled for surgery 2/17/09....Since I have been feeling so rotten for so long, my thoughts are always turned inward and I know I need to trust God that He has a purpose in what He is allowing in my life. Your experience proves that completely. God is using your experience once again. (email)

Dear TBC,
Thank you for the article "Divine Opportunities." I am disabled and facing a number of insurmountable (or so it seemed today) difficulties. This article and Spurgeon's devotion[al] brought me back to the main focus and I can get my eyes back on Jesus and let Him do what He will. VP (email)

Dear Dave,
The LORD put you in my path almost two years ago when...I was studying the Scriptures to  find the answer to my empty life. It had been a few months that I had accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, when one day I was in a Christian book store with two different DVDs in my hand. I remember praying to God for guidance [as to] what I should purchase, and when I finished praying I bought Israel, Islam, and Armageddon. Ever since, my family and I have been blessed by how the LORD has worked through you....Now I search the Scriptures daily to see if those things are so. RI (email)

T. A.,
Thank you so much for being so transparent in your struggles. It ministered so much....Thank you for sharing the struggles; we need to hear these things, and yet also to hear of your victories! BM (GA)

Hi Tom,
Your article brought back my own memories of past sufferings....I'm 72 now and came to love the Lord. I called myself a "limbo Christian" 15 years ago as I was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer. Only a year before that, it was bladder cancer, and I began wondering about eternal things to say the least. With several months off from work, God gave me the opportunity to really slow down and seek Him through His word. As David...in Psalm:25:4-5, I asked Him to show me and teach me His ways, and He did. I thank the Lord every day, for without that affliction, I would have continued living in a dark world. If I could say anything about this lesson, it was that I found the light through the truth of Jesus Christ. (email)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
Just read your article in the Berean Call. Now it's my turn to have bowel cancer-was diagnosed just this month. Doctors are in a big hurry to save my life, but I'm 66 and have been ill for many years. My heart's desire is to be home with my LORD and Savior. Nevertheless, your article was encouraging to me to make this a time of witness as never before. I'm amazed at how many Christians are not looking forward to the Rapture or to dying and then being Raptured. I fail to understand why they cling to this earthly life so much. It is far better to be home with the Lord. No matter how often we get healed, we will still die (unless the blessed Hope, the Rapture should happen soon). Brother T.A., you have been an encouragement to me. I am full of the joy of the LORD at the turn of events....Many say, "Oh God wants to use you, he wants you to live," etc., but there is a day appointed for me; all my days have been ordered by the LORD before I even saw one of them. At the appointed time, I shall face Him whom I love.

Dave Hunt has been a great and unending blessing to me. I have been to the Winnipeg Prophecy Conference every year except one since the early 1990s. What a difference his teaching has made in my life! Truth with love....May you completely recover, both you and Dave....Thanks to both of you for sharing your experience and encouragement with me as I go through the valley. JD (Canada)

Your "Divine Opportunities" in the February issue was one of the nicest, most powerful "sermons" I have read or heard. Thank you. It meant a lot to me. (email)

Dear Tom,
I just want to say thanks for the February newsletter article you wrote about your surgery and the blessings that came out of it. Our pastor is today starting tests, and I know your article will be helpful to him....Your acceptance of God's way of ministering to you through others, and your personal story will be helpful to him. Thank you so much, and God's blessings on your health issues and your ministry. BR (email)

Dear Berean Call,
I've greatly appreciated your material over my years of incarceration and how big of an impact it's had on my walk with the Lord! In fact, I just recently had my mother order a great amount of dvds/cds to send home for my listening pleasure after my [upcoming] release from prison....Thank you again for your concern and time. The Berean Call will continue to be my main source for material in order to "defend the faith." DR (prisoner, WI)