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Dear Dave Hunt,
I appreciate your penchant for being true to God's Word and for preaching the truth fearlessly!...In my collection of books I have many...from The Berean Call. They are as helpful to me today as they were years ago. The ministry [has] helped me to grow in the knowledge of God's truth and [given] me the desire to stand unequivocally on the Word of God rather than on the doctrines of men....Next year I will be 80 years old....Fifteen years ago I suffered kidney failure...followed by a kidney transplant....I thank and praise God in these circumstances because I have been in places where there are people who need to hear the Good News of the Gospel. Thanks be to the sound instruction of The Berean Call, instruction always based on the truth of God's Word. I have been enabled to share with others how we can know right now that we have Eternal Life! MP (MN)

Dear Mr. Dave Hunt,
About 10 years ago or so, a friend of mine introduced your newsletter to me...I read a few but they never truly grasped my attention, until recently....Thank you, Mr. Hunt, for preaching the Word of God and for saying to me...that the Holy Bible is our final authority to turn to for doctrine and reproof, and correction in the righteousness of our Lord and Saviour....I know, from what I have read and seen that you have suffered much hatred against you and not only you, but our Lord Jesus Christ in you, the Word of Truth, the Way, the Life....I pray for the church of our Lord Jesus Christ that we all [may] continue in the Word of Truth ....Thank you, brother David Hunt, for your love in our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray the Lord bless you and your family in His grace and in His love. PO (UK)

Dear Dave and Tom,
I have been receiving your newsletter for a few months now and your teachings are blowing my mind! I can't agree more with you that evolution is nonsense. I am an inmate in a Federal prison, and I have a friend who is so into evolution that he sees nothing else. He had me read his copy of Richard Dawkins's The Greatest Show on Earth. As I read some of it, I became more convinced in Creation than ever before. Dawkins pointed to certain orchids that are pollinated by only certain types of insects and, in some cases, only one type of insect. These relationships between plants and insects point more to design than ever. They were designed for each other, but my friend doesn't see it. GN (prisoner, TX)

Dear Dave,
I just wanted to commend you for a great job defending and standing for Israel. This world is getting darker and more anti-Semitic everyday. It does my heart and soul good to see another brother standing strong for the apple of God's eye in the face of opposition that is based on arrogance and spiritual wickedness. God bless you Dave. DT (email)

Dear Dave Hunt and The Berean Call,
I have so enjoyed reading your books. I've only had opportunity to read about six [but] it is so refreshing to know there are still godly people spreading the true gospel!...I especially enjoyed and was refreshed by The Nonnegotiable Gospel. Basic Bible doctrine is hard to come by in "watered down Christianity." MS (ID)

Dear Brothers,
In your February 2010 issue...I was struck by two things...because they are so dynamically related.... "We've lost the culture war" on page 8 describes the current "Christian" culture to a "T," but an angry letter on page 7 tells us exactly how it happened. Although I was amazed that this person after reading the Bible for sixty years could not find anything that you write about in the Bible...that is not what caught my attention. It is the first paragraph of his letter, where he lists his credentials. Here we see the progression. Twelve years in public schools marinating in an atmosphere of secularism. Then four years of intensive indoctrination into secularism in college.... Now we move on to two years of "Pastoral training" learning how to infuse secularism into a Christian audience.... Then thirty-seven years of practicing what he learned. Multiply this man's ministry logarithmically for the past century, and you have the clearest explanation of how our current culture developed. AB (WY)

Dear TBC,
I just got your latest newsletter today and I want to compliment Brother McMahon for his "Avatar" article. That's quite an article...well written. I was quite gripped by it. The old ladies in my senior group liked [the movie] a lot. I knew there was something wrong with it [and] Brother McMahon certainly gave us the low-down on what that was....You covered it thoroughly and very well....Thank you for bringing this to light and exposing the works of darkness. EH (CA)