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Dear Berean Call,
I have long seen your account name on YouTube and wondered if it was another “new cult.” I am so happy to have done some research today and discovered your Mission Statement. It gave me great joy to realize I wasn’t looking at another misguided Christian group. God bless your work in leading Christians into pure and increased discernment. I will enjoy searching your website for some good teaching. GS (email)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
I read your article “The Upcoming Psychologized Generation” in the November 2012 issue of The Berean Call. I have my M.A. in Counseling Psychology [and] my B.A. in Christian Education.

I was deeply appreciative of [my college’s] teaching that encouraged everyone to develop their way of counseling as they saw fit. We were free to debate and argue for our own thinking in the class setting.

The Christian students soon found each other, as you can imagine. We had a good many debates among ourselves that helped us when we were presenting to the whole class. We all were training to be Christian Counselors, even though that isn’t in [their] curriculum.

How could we not counsel as Christians? We deal with sin issues on a daily basis with our clients. I have always used biblical counseling with my clients, whether they are Christians or not. I just can’t quote scripture to them very often because they see no power in it, but I certainly paraphrase it without changing the meaning. If a client claims to be a Christian then I explain the ministry of the Holy Spirit to them. They have extra help from God Himself. I also quote scripture and use prayer….

There are uncounted numbers of counselors out there that are using the Scriptures as their counseling manual. We don’t condone homosexuality, drugs and alcohol, and the whole plethora of sin that Satan is pushing. We are working with the church, not against it. GE (WA)

Dear Dave,
I spent 7 years in Lausanne, Switzerland, and upon my return to the US I began to research the foundation of my beliefs. I used to think that America was founded by God-fearing people and in some way had a covenant with God. I believed that the Republican Party was a group that was trying to get the country back to the correct place under God. After my research, which includes eight books by you, I know now that I was dead wrong. Now I feel a lot of frustration because I want to open the eyes of my friends and family but I don’t know how. My aunt encouraged me to read The Harbinger. She believed that it was true revelation about America. From the premise of the book and the author, I knew it was heresy but I read it as a way to begin a discussion with her. I hope to use it as a way to convince her of the truth….I was getting really discouraged when I couldn’t find even one preacher that was on the right path. That is when I ran across your website and books. JA (email)
To TBC Staff,
Your newsletters have been a tremendous blessing to me. About three years ago I came across Dave Hunt’s book The Seduction of Christianity [in] the prison chapel library. The book was very informative and it opened a whole new understanding of my Christian walk. Then I noticed in the back of the book an address for receiving The Berean Call. I sent for it immediately and continued reading every issue and passing it on to my fellow inmates. Then came time for my release, but I wanted to continue to receive your monthly newsletter, so I sent a letter to your staff requesting TBC to be forwarded to my new address. The day of my release, God bless your staff, I had two issues already waiting for me.

Thank you for your continued support. Now I can pass on your newsletters to the members of my congregation. Bless you all and may God reign supreme in all of our lives. DJ (email)

Dear Tom and staff,
Thank you so much for the update on Dave and Ruth. I have been praying for them and will continue to ask for strength via the Spirit in the inner man and also physical strength for them both. Also, no matter what condition they are placed in, that they both will continue to be a light for the Lord and an example of His grace, mercy, strength, and love!

Thank you, too, for your comments about Mother Teresa. I thank the Lord for your continued boldness in taking a stand against those who offer another Jesus. I have felt that in my spirit about her for a very long time. You will probably receive a lot of flack for taking such a stand but if the Lord be for you, who can stand against you and prosper! We all can rejoice that the gates of hell shall not prevail against us (His church)!

I will continue to uphold you in prayer to keep on that straight and narrow path. All these trials shall soon be over. Praise the Lord! MT (NY)