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Dear Berean Call,
I just realized I can access all the Berean Call material online. Please save the printing cost of the newsletter you have faithfully been sending to me for several years. I thank you and praise God for the ministry of TBC. I have always been blessed by the ministry. Over the the years I was able to sit in on many of Brother Hunt’s lectures at Word of Life on Schroon Lake, NY. KB (CT))

Dear Bereans,
God bless you all! We praise God for you. Your subscription means so much. The Lord uses it to help me daily in every way....Whenever I call, the perfect person is there to help me. Your prayers are always answered in God’s wonderful way. You are all my family and friends and I pray for you also. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to the Lord and your love for Him and others. One day you will all know all the help, miracles, and blessings that God performed through His work using The Berean Call. It’s going to be exciting! RS (ID)

This is a remorseful apology to my complaining note that ended up in the letters section of the newsletter. The first shock was reading it with distaste and self-examination. The second shock occured as I went online to check out TBC’s website, after the website had been part of a conversation with a fellow believer between our service and Sunday school. What I discovered heaped hot coals onto my head. It has brought tears to my eyes. I am sorry for disparaging your good work unto the salvation of seekers and strugglers in this time of disillusionment and rampant temptations.

I ask for your forgiveness and give thanks for your faithfulness in exhorting us to be as the Bereans were, to sound out the Word of God and apply it to our lives. SI (OR)

Dear T. A. and Staff,
Your [February] newsletter about New Age mysticism is right on! Four years ago I retired from nursing after 47 years and New Age [thought] is accepted now more than ever. Nursing schools and the medical field really push these relaxation techniques and promote yoga for self-improvement, lowering blood pressure, and stress. They even teach laying on of hands to promote healing and positive thoughts.

Just before retirement, I was in an in-service class that was for personal relaxation. When they insisted we need to “clear our minds of distraction and concentrate on a quiet place” (e.g., a waterfall, sunrise, or sunset), I walked out and didn’t return. These New Age practices are so strong and anyone who is opposed to them is condemned.

Thank you for standing strong for what is right and shedding light on all the seductive devices of Satan. MT (NY)

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