Arab Christian Killed by Hamas in Gaza |

TBC Staff

Please pray for the comfort and protection of the family of this faithful brother in Christ and for all fellow believers living under severe persecution throughout Israel and the Middle East. 

Palestinian Christian Stabbed To Death in Hamas Controlled Gaza

Rami Ayyad the director of the Protestant Holy Bible Society in Gaza was stabbed to death and his body dumped in a field near Gaza city’s Zeitoun neighborhood.

Since the Hamas takeover in Gaza there have been an increasing number of attacks against Palestinian Christians who comprise a small percentage of the 1.5 million living in the Gaza Strip.

Since the outbreak of the Al Aksa Intifada seven years ago, thousands of Palestinian Christians have fled abroad.

Bethlehem is no longer a predominantly Christian city and in the Gaza Strip, the small Christian population has to depend on Hamas security forces to protect them.  10/08/07

Watch this news clip from Israeli TV: