Arafat makes Jerusalem future capitol |

TBC Staff

Reuters News Service 10/02 RAMALLAH, West Bank - President Yasser Arafat signed a law formally declaring portions of Jerusalem to be the capital of a future independent Palestinian state, according to Ahmed Korei, speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC).

The problem: Israel regards the entire city of Jerusalem as its indivisible capital.

"President Arafat signed the 'Jerusalem The Capital' law on Saturday, October 5 stipulating that Jerusalem is the capital of a future independent state and the center of the legislative, judicial and executive authorities," stated Korei.

The PLC presented this to Arafat 2 years ago. Arafat decided to sign the law, in response to the new U.S. legislation which President Bush signed this week requiring the government to stipulate on documents that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. Arafat called President Bush’s legislation a "catastrophe," and Palestinians and Arabs saw it as a biased move backing Israel's claims to the city.