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Are You from the Wrong Side of the Spiritual Tracks? Attorney Evaluates Claims of Christianity in The Reasonable Person [Excerpts]

Do you ever feel that you're from the wrong side of the spiritual tracks? Are you tired of the hypocrisy you often see in organized religion? Do you believe that God really isn't that interested in you? In his new book, The Reasonable Person: Due Process of Law, Logic, and Faith, attorney and author Steven Sedberry reaches out to people from the wrong side of the spiritual tracks, the disillusioned Christian, and those who simply want to know more about how to make sense of Christianity amongst a skeptic culture.

Sedberry speaks out of his own experience. Growing up with an alcoholic mother and a mentally ill father, he met Jesus at the age of nine, but didn't really learn to follow him. After college, he threw himself into building a corporate career, wreaking havoc on his relationships and leaving God in the dust. Miserable on the inside and tired of riding a spiritual roller coaster, he surrendered his life fully to the Lord in 1992.

"When we follow Jesus, our lives are so radically changed that there is no human explanation for it," says Sedberry. "The change in our lives is the most convincing evidence of the truth of Christianity. Christianity works. It stands alone in this way among a plethora of religions, psychotherapy, and self-help doctrines."

After a twenty-year career in corporate America, Sedberry decided to fulfill a lifelong dream of going to law school -- and surprisingly -- discovered that it led to understanding God and the Bible in a much deeper way. In The Reasonable Person, Sedberry looks at the claims of Christianity through the lens of the legal process. From correlating how to understand "Christianspeak" to giving the jury instructions, to weighing the evidence, to getting to know the star witness (Jesus), and understanding the pardon, Sedberry lays out a logical argument for the truth of Christianity.

"The great myth of Christianity is that it is a religion of emotion, rather than intellect," says Sedberry. "But as I grow intellectually, I realize that Christianity makes incredibly logical sense. Christian's aren't a bunch of mindless simpletons, blindly following a fairy tale. Christian faith is grounded in logic and deep thought."

[TBC: Yet the gospel is also so simple that even a child can receive it by faith.]