Armstrong Splinter Group Uses World Net Daily Editor's Book in Seminar |

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Back in October of 2012, we reported how Joseph Farah’s World Net Daily (WND) ministry was promoting materials clearly at odds with Scripture. The situation has not gotten better.

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Joe Kovacs, an editor at World Net Daily, authored some of the books included in WND’s resource list. More recently, it was pointed out to us that Kovacs’ books are used as textbooks by some Hebert W. Armstrong splinter groups. For one example, the United Church of God (UCG) of North Canton, Ohio has advertised a teaching seminar entitled, “From Dust to Divinity: The Divine Secret Unveiled - Part I.”

“Dust to Divinity” is a reference to the Armstrong teaching that man will become gods as members of the divine family, hand in hand with Satan’s lie that “ye shall be as gods” (Genesis:3:5). The North Canton UCG advertises this seminar as “ …the first of a two part seminar series featuring the book The Divine Secret by Joe Kovacs presented by UCG pastor John Miller in North Canton, Ohio. The seminar reveals a secret overlooked by many Bible students that explain the meaning and purpose of life.”

Kovacs, using the vocabulary of Evangelical Christianity, has managed to confuse a great number of Christians, but cultic followers of the late false prophet Herbert W. Armstrong clearly see what Kovacs promotes and use his books. Mormons also have picked up on the message that Kovacs teaches, and that World Net Daily sells.

Joe Kovacs was "interviewed by the Good News magazine, and was asked by reporter Jerold Aust, “Who are the children of God? What makes them so, or is this simply in-house religious talk?”

"Kovacs responded, 'If you just look at the natural world around us, you realize that everything reproduces. They have children or offspring after their own kind. I mean, the children of giraffes are giraffes. The children of cats are cats. And what are the children of God? You know people have to come to that conclusion: we’re not here for no good reason....Aust noted, “The thing that struck me when I read that again, this could seem a rather bold statement for your readers to consider: How can infallible, puny human beings who need nourishment, who need sleep, how can they even be considered to be equal with angels eventually, or be angels, let alone to be born into the divinity of God, to be divine?”

[TBC: In other words, Kovacs not only agrees with Herbert W. Armstrong, but his beliefs have much in common concerning Mormon teaching that man will become deity: "As man is, God once was; as God is, man may be." In this they fall for the original lie of Satan in Genesis:3:5, "For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil." The lie worked then and doesn't seem to have lost it's appeal to humanity.]