Attacking Gospel |

TBC Staff

I'll say this as simply as I can. The gospel is more often attacked on TBN than it is on NBC. This has been the legacy of liberalism which has been embraced by quote/unquote "evangelicals." This has been the legacy of Charismaticism where theology and...I'm not speaking about all the people but for the most part where the movement tolerates anybody's view. This has been the legacy of the seeker-friendly pragmatic movement. This has been the legacy of evangelical ecumenism which wants to re-embrace orthodoxy and Catholicism and everybody else. And the confusion goes from the grass roots right on up to the top. I've talked to the evangelical brain trust, if you will, and they aren't even willing to commit to who's a Christian. Even my conversation with J.I. Packer, so capable and gifted a theologian and writer, when I asked him...what is the line by which you determine a true Christian? All he could say was, "That's a good question."

John MacArthur in a recent sermon (