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TBC Staff

Dear TBC,

Thanks for all the teachings thru the years….A friend shared The Berean Call with me—one of the best gifts I’ve ever received! Dave, I heard you speak and was touched to see and hear your kind of “Grandfatherly” love. I pray for your continued protection and well-being, as we all know this world and its rulers don’t take kindly to true wisdom and truth. MC (IA)

Dear Berean Call,

Please continue my subscription! Since a class member in my Bible Prophecy class at church signed me up last year, I have realized that I cannot do without it. Please know that there are a lot of people out here who pray for your work. SC (FL)

Dear Mr Hunt,

Many, many thanks for your book, An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith. Thank you so much for your diligent research and for staying true to the Word. JC (England)

Dear Brothers in Christ,

We are encouraged by The Berean Call and the articles you write, which are enlightening and faith building. We are dismayed by the destructive letters you receive condemning you for the truth you proclaim. Keep it up. There are more for you than against, and keep trusting the Holy Spirit to guide. LL (Canada)

Dear Dave,

Thank you for your ministry. I am learning so much. Recently my daughter (a Roman Catholic) has been trying to involve me in some heated debates. I credit A Woman Rides the Beast with my ability to remain calm and present the facts with clarity and resolve. BA (OK)

Dear Berean,

Please send me a copy of Tetlow’s book, Messages from Heaven. In the last two weeks, the Virgin Mary has taken to appearing at the local hospital in Milton MA on a window in the medical building. This has been reported in the local media and on CNN. The hospital does not dare remove the window but, to control the crowds in its parking lot, has covered the window with a tarp and has limited viewing hours to 5:30-8:30 P.M.

I have to go to the hospital weekly for a blood test…and had to park three lots away. In fact, an ambulance could not even get up the driveway. I told the lab technician the problem I had parking…and she told me the Virgin Mary was appearing on the window. I thought she was joking. Then I remembered hearing something about it on the news, so I went to investigate this apparition.

Sure enough, there was a stain on the window, and with a stretch of the imagination, you could say it looks like a statue of the Virgin you would see in a Catholic Church. But no media has reported that on the back of the building there is a stain on a window directly across from the one on the front and it looks like a big round puff of whipped cream. No one is calling this a UFO, or saying anything about that stain. Obviously, there is a leak in the roof at that location.

Now, according to the news, a cross has appeared on the chimney. When I go there this week I’ll look for it too. I cannot believe the people in the parking lot saying the rosary and lighting candles and touching the wall. I told several people about the stain on the window in the rear, but no one would go and look. MD (MA)


Your program is always fresh air for those who desire the truth. Your newsletter is looked forward to every month. Witnessing to Catholics…is real work. I was rebuked very strongly by a local pastor who was upset with me because I questioned a men’s fellowship breakfast which had [a Catholic priest] give the closing prayer. The Catholic man to whom I have been witnessing and coming alongside for three months is now further convinced that Roman Catholicism is one and the same in unity with evangelicals. We have much work, but by the strength of the Holy Spirit, we will prevail! LW (OR)

Dear Bro Hunt,

It was by God’s grace and divine guidance that He led me to read Occult Invasion. I was shocked, to say the least, when I found out about the corrupt teachings of some of the ministries mentioned in your book….Something in my spirit had been warning me about the things I was blindly accepting as truth. I assumed it was just my “lack of faith.” The Spirit of God warned me to doubt the things I read—particularly [from] Hagin. Thanks be to my Lord for your ministry. DG (prisoner, TX)