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TBC Staff

Dear Brother Dave,

I can say somewhat with relish that you are pretty much anathema here….You are called “that trouble maker.” Tragically, the growth here is radically away from the inerrant Word and increasingly toward experiential “Christianity” with advertised healings, creature comforts, wealth, etc…. Perpetual kudos for raising [Christ's] true banner of love in the midst of so much latter-day confusion and delusion. JD (NY)

Dear Bereans,

The book What Love Is This? was a great help to me. A Calvinist taught me tulipfrom the very beginning. I read other books than Calvinistic ones and became more and more confused. But after reading What Love Is This? my grave concerns vanished instantly….I became a free person, able to see God as an “all-humans-loving” God who gave us a free will to choose between darkness and light. I know He is not a respecter of persons, and every one of us is personally accountable to Him.  AR (Germany)

Dear Bereans,

I wasted my money watching The Passion. All I needed to do was to wait for Dave’s article “Christ Died for Our Sins” (June 2004) to remind me once again of the pure Word of Scripture—nothing added—nothing taken away. Oh that we would just allow the Holy Spirit to teach us the truths of the Scriptures. Being taught by Him, we would all be of one mind, of one Spirit. LC (WA)

Dear Mr. Hunt,

I enjoyed reading Debating Calvinism. I sat in the Calvinist camp for many years….Why don’t Calvinists preach their “doctrines of grace” to the unsaved? Why are they hiding this doctrine they so fervently believe? [They should say] plainly, “If you’re not one of the elect, you will not be saved. There is nothing you can do about it, and you’ll spend eternity in the lake of fire.” They live and breathe this doctrine; they all but condemn Christians who don’t believe in it, yet when it comes time to witness, they say along with Paul and Silas, “believe on the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved.” Stop lying to people and tell them there is nothing they can do! Yet this is a hidden doctrine only for the intellectual….At one time I would have died for the Calvinist doctrine. It eventually divided my family, split friendships and plummeted me into despair….My advice is to pursue Jesus, not Calvinism. It will consume your Christian walk. Let it go. JLG (PA)

Dear Sirs,

I just read your TBC for June. After reading the letter from MC about how you “bash” the seeker friendly church I felt I had to write. We visited [Willow Creek] three times and never once heard the Gospel, not one time. We heard music and drama—lots of it—but never heard the Gospel. If we had gone there unsaved, we never would have known that we were unsaved….Maybe MC believes this is the way the church is supposed to operate, but I do not see that anywhere in the Scriptures. GM (IL)

T. A. McMahon,

Remove us from your mailing list. We have always respected TBC’s undaunting commitment to biblical accuracy, the good strong mind God has blessed both you and Dave Hunt with, and the ability to speak and write with clarity….However, I do not believe the style of worship a Christian church uses...or the songs they sing are part of this calling to expose errors. I believe that a spirit has deceived you from your calling into bringing constant needless and unholy criticism against the Body of Christ that is based solely on your personal preferences….Your nonstop list of symptoms that warrants a church earning your disapproval rating makes it very hard to imagine what an “approved church” is allowed to do, other than sing hymns written in the 1800s….[You have] a total lack of respect for the Word of God and your fellow brothers in the Lord. One example is your belief that James Dobson is a heretic because he is a psychologist….I do not see one ounce of true “Berean spirit” in this ministry. IL (NH)