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TBC Staff

Dear Dave Hunt,
I am very, very excited about all the topics and the true preaching you and T.A. McMahon are presenting. We so need teachers with a firm foundation on Jesus Christ alone and nothing else beside it, for [anything] else would be [spiritual] adultery. WM (email Australia)

Dear TBC,
I was frantically trying to access your website and I kept getting redirected to a Search the Scriptures website when I typed in "thebereancall.com." I must say that it is very rude of them to try to steal your thunder. I must try to remember that it is "thebereancall.org." JM (email)

Dear Dave,
Thank you for the time you put into researching and writing What Love Is This?...Although I've never been a 5-point Calvinist, I hadn't realized how much of Calvinism had seeped into the things I've been taught...It affected my sense of security in Christ [and] my hopes for the salvation of my closest loved ones....I was constantly second-guessing my own prayers with the thought, "But what if that person isn't really on God's ‘list'?"....The Calvinistic view of predestination leads to a Hindu-like fatalism which makes a great excuse for a slothful spiritual life. As soon as I blogged about reading your book and its effect on my conclusions, I was cited in a most condescending manner by a Calvinist blogger as "another victim" of "Dave Hunt's flawed theology." Dave, when I grow up, I want to be like you and Ruth, who once took time to encourage me as a homemaker and mother at [a] Prophecy Conference. I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather stand for something and have mud flung at me than stand for nothing just for the sake of feeling the fake love. CD (email)

Dear Dave and TBC Staff,
A week or so ago, one of the national news stations was discussing the decadence and violence in public schools-even as low as fifth grade-and questioning the cause. In a few moments they covered lack of discipline, violence on TV, and wondered if "low self-esteem" might be a factor! The "world" is being confronted with God's Truth and "...they are without excuse." GT (MT)

Good Day!
I just finished [Dave's book] Yoga and the Body of Christ....I have two granddaughters who are enrolled in our local Boys & Girls Club. One item on their schedule sent chills up the back of my neck: SHAKTI warriors...advertised to "overcome chaos and evil with this computer-based game." I covered a good deal of material with the grandkids concerning this issue (based on Eph:6:12) and explained that they should avoid this activity....I also presented this same material to our "College and Career" Bible study group....These young folks have been pretty well taught, but I found some skepticism concerning the dangers of Yoga and martial arts being "false fronts" for demonic activity. BW (email)

Please...cancel my subscription to TBC. Your issues do much to point out where you believe they do err according to the Scripture, but I see much of pointing of the finger and not enough meat there to show me where you stand according to the Scriptures. Your publication tells me you don't stand on the moon, nor travel through space...but it doesn't really show me that your publication is firmly planted upon the Foundation of the whole truth either. It's like you are quick to show others about the specks in their eyes, though I'm not one to claim you have a beam of wood in your eyes either. We have but one Judge and He returns shortly. But until then a house divided will not stand and those who build their faith upon dust will be soon surprised. JS (prisoner, WI)