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TBC Staff

Dear Dave,
I can't even begin to express what the reading of your books and the discovery of your website has done to us: it is like finding a well in the desert. For twenty years we have felt like we've been in a religious desert, not that God hasn't been speaking, but rare and far between have we found those who seek Him with reverence and sincerity-the Giver and not just His gifts. I can only say thank you for holding us to a standard that we truly felt no longer existed. I am somewhat ashamed to say that in all of our looking, we had not heard of you or your ministry until just recently. You share so much that it will take time to absorb, and one can only "eat" so much at a time, but grateful we are for the sharing. JA (email)

Dear Brother Hunt,
I just finished listening to "Roman Catholic Salvation: Is It Affirmed by the Bible?" This was your debate with Robert Sungenis. I believe it becomes clear [to the listener] that you are debating and arguing the issues out of your love for our Lord Jesus Christ and His truth. Mr. Sungenis is debating and arguing the issues out of a love for the Roman Catholic Church. It is evident that your jealousy and zeal is for the Lord Himself while Mr. Sungenis' is for the Roman Catholic Church. Mr. Sungenis plainly says that Jesus Christ did not pay the full penalty for our sin and that the sacraments ministered by the Roman Catholic Church are needed for salvation. I remembered the words and warning of the Apostle Peter, "even denying the Lord that bought them" (2 Pet:2:1). Thank you, Brother Hunt, for defending the faith and the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ. TW (WV)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
I am writing to let you know that my 22-year-old brother came to Christ back in 2006, and two of your products helped lead him to Christ. He came to know the Lord after reading your book titled Seeking and Finding God, and he also stated that your DVD titled An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith, is part of what led to his salvation. My brother has come out of a life of drugs and satanic music since he came to know the Lord, and he even witnessed to a satanist who used to be one of his best friends. (email)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
The only sign of receiving the Holy Spirit was (for apostles) hearing them speaking in tongues and prophesying. I believe the Bible account is greater than any teacher and his reason....You quench the Spirit and have just religion, your reason, and fleshly mores. You need to pray that the Holy Spirit open your eyes to the Scriptures because you don't understand them after 60 years of studying and deceiving others. How sad. LK (Ireland)

Dear Bereans,
Yesterday I re-read an old issue of TBC, July 1999, "The Sufficiency of God's Word," that the Lord brought out of a box of paperwork that I was sorting through. What a blessing to be reminded of how well all of the Berean newsletters hold up over the years. Here is the "Wow" (to me, at least): I just received A Woman Rides the Beast book in the mail from Amazon. I read half of it before putting it down and picking up the newsletter last night. There was God showing me just how faithfully He has used Dave and all of you in these last days. May the Lord come soon! WW (OR)

Dear Dave & Tom,
And to all the Berean staff. I want to thank you for your ministry of contending for the Faith, to ensure the biblical teaching of our Lord....I know it is not an easy task to continue...your...[radio] program and to receive such criticism from your listeners, but I want you to know that there are more of us that support...your ministry and want you to persevere....I...invite others to listen every week and to read your newsletters. Keep up the good work. TS (prisoner, AZ)