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Dear Saints of Berean Call,
Thank you for the many faithful years of your newsletters--they are so informative. So much of the time I've not even heard of the information you're writing about. What is sad to me is that when I realize that it's true and try to pass it on, there are people who just don't want to hear it! So many want to stay uninformed, period! Sad! But I look forward to your wonderful newsletters every month.... AH (TX)

Dear Dave and Tom,
Thank you so much for your TBC newsletter and for your time in putting it together. I do so much appreciate how you back up what you write with the truth of God's Word. Being an ex-Catholic, I remember much doctrine that was scripturally untrue....I am thankful for the Lord's leading my family and me to a Bible-based church some years back, and, through His word preached accurately, our eyes were opened. We praise Him for your ministry. There are so few truly accurate ones today. JD (WI)

Thank God for those who still believe that the Bible is sufficient. I am so tired of all the illustrational sermons and theatrical gimmicks used in proclaiming the Gospel. Dave, I wonder how you have survived without sports cars, etc., on your platform to help you illustrate the Gospel....God gave us the greatest illustration and example in His Son Jesus. Thanks for just preaching the Word of God! BM (IA)

Dear Mr. Hunt,
Thank you so much for the welcome arrival each month of The Berean Call. In these difficult times it is so good to read sound Biblical teaching from God's Word. Here in the U.K., we are seeing such a determined turning away from the Lord Jesus and open persecution of His people. This present government seems quite triumphant in its assault on the Body of Christ, and proud of our sinful record in HIV, teenage pregnancy, abortion, and growing numbers of homosexuals and pagans. We so need a true revival and repentance before our Holy God. Instead of so many distractions and events in our church life we need to "go forth and preach the gospel" so that souls may be saved in our Lord Jesus. BB (UK)

Dave Hunt,
What a sleazy mischaracterization of Calvinism. I used to be a fan of yours--attended several of your seminars and purchased your books. Now I wouldn't waste my time--your snippy insinuations--strident exaggerations to make a misguided point. God is in control not you. You've gone the way of sensational journalism and even worse is your adoption of Roman Catholic pelagianism. EL (email)

Dear Dave & T. A.,
Are we, who are the Lord's, being overwhelmed by the signs of the time we're in now--or what?! I would liken this to what Noah & family must have experienced as the last animals were herded onto the Ark and the ominous black clouds & lightning became so intense! Even as the Lord sealed the Ark doors shut! And instead of begging for God's chastening, cleansing, holiness, that they be made ready, most of the church-world's still looking for "that big break-through"--health, wealth, and their dream come true! No love of God's truth, so they've been deceived & blinded! And God's Spirit-led ministers have never needed to beg, bribe, and threaten their listeners to supply their needs, as long as they faithfully trusted Him. May He continue to strengthen, bless & keep you in all things! JH (WV)

Mr. Hunt & McMahon,
I enjoy your books and the work both of you are doing. I pastor a small church and have seen several families [leave] us for social and political reasons. Your ministry is large...reaching many millions, and I pray for you as you don't hold back on telling the truth in a society today that seems to only want their ears tickled--a so-called Christian society that wants to keep their pet lust and still feel they are good, Bible- believing, obedient saints. Hope and pray that you both are feeling and doing much better health-wise. JM (email)

Too often in our fast paced world we do not thank people for what they do for others. I share your thoughts and they make me think. In the end, my walk with Christ is strengthened. Thanks! MR (prisoner, ID)