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Dear Dave Hunt,
Two years ago I watched the God of Wonders DVD on TBN. I was so impressed that I ordered a few for...my family and friends...through your ministry, and since then you have been sending me The Berean Call. I thought it was an intelligent magazine, just like ancient Bereans were, until I read your article "New World Religion" excerpted from Occult  Invasion in the [February issue].

It had some true criticism for organizations like [the] World Council of Churches and [the] National Council of Churches....But [it was] very, very negative. You called Kenneth Copeland and Benny Hinn false prophets....They are best loved pastors on TBN and are very nice Christian leaders who are doing great work for the Lord....You didn't even spare old Pastor Schuller for being positive. Jesus Himself was positive. He said everything is possible for those who believe....And shouldn't we all respect Pope John Paul II, if it is for one reason only? He was the only Catholic Pope who, fragile and old like he was, at the end of his life, walked to the Western Wall in Jerusalem and put the letter of apology in the crack...apologizing to Jewish people for [the] Holocaust...that [the] Catholic Church failed to protect them.

I also think your book was written before 9/11...the world [has] changed a lot since then. People changed, their thinking changed. The world in general doesn't hate Jesus anymore....More and more people love Him. Millions [are] coming to Him every day. Christianity is [the] world's fastest growing religion today. Even Muslims [are] coming to Him in great numbers. The world can see that Jesus is their only hope....Instead of cursing the darkness, it's better to light a candle to spread a light and pray for each other to join with fellow preachers on TBN....If you will continue being negative, please don't send me anymore Berean Call because I hate to see some of those pastors and ministries that I support [being] put down. Thank you. AG (NY)

Dear Friends,
May God bless you richly for your faithfulness in ministry. Thank you for reprinting Occult Invasion....Even though it was written a few years ago, as your reprint in [a recent] Berean Call shows, it is such valuable history for today and was very prescient when written! LC (WA)

Dear Dave,
I just wanted to say thank you for your podcasts. We are missionaries in Northern Uganda and have found great encouragement and exhortation from your ministry. Even our children enjoy listening. Blessings upon you as you boldly speak the truth in love! MU (Uganda)

Mr. Hunt,
You and your people are by no means Bereans. You have taken away very important truths of the Bible and have replaced them with falsities. First, let me point out that "faith without works is dead." A dead faith will get you nothing from the Lord. God is the "God of the living and not the dead." Eternal life is a gift but requirements must be met, such as: "Keep my commandments and live saith the Lord." This is a requirement. Not by faith alone is one saved but by keeping God's commandments. If anyone of us wants eternal life we must "work" to fulfill our part of the agreement. We are saved by grace through faith. This grace is not given to anyone who does not keep our Lord's commandments. Grace is given to the obedient not the rebellious. We must "work to show ourselves to be approved" just as Scripture says....The Bereans knew the Scriptures. You teach that faith is all one needs. Nowhere in the Bible is this taught....I hope this has helped you to see the light! WS (OR, prisoner)

Dear Dave,
I just finished Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny. What an elegant, logical apologetic! To think that you accomplished this in spite of all your physical pain and the sadness of your daughter's cancer and death. I am sorry for your loss and I continue to hold up you and The Berean Call in prayer. I have followed Answers in Genesis for 15 years and read many of their books and viewed their tapes, but your book is the best I've read on the subject. Also, your defense of "The Faith" has been such an encouragement to me since 1986. P.S. Doesn't it seem like a good time for the Rapture? ML (email)

Dear Dave,
When I read the letter from BC (CA) in your April 2011 Berean Call, and Wesley Bailor's "Meeting Dave" reflection, I was so convicted because I have never contacted you to tell you how much your book Seduction of Christianity has meant to me. I was a Roman Catholic nun for 10 years, then left the convent and became involved with Self-Realization Fellowship (a Hindu/Christian based religion). The transition from Catholicism to SRF was easy because both religions include mysticism, contemplative prayer, meditations, asceticism, and Jesus' words; plus, Hindu deities like the "saints" and "Jesus" pictures sat on my home altar.  

Five years after I left the convent...a Christian witnessed to me and, by the mercy and grace of God, I placed my faith and trust in Christ as my Savior. The following Sunday, I attended a Christian church service. Norman Grubb gave the sermon which seemed to me to be peppered with Eastern spirituality. Shortly after that, a friend gave me your book The Seduction of Christianity, which cleared up the confusion and, today, after 34 years of being saved, I still refer to it when opportunities present themselves. I am so grateful that the Holy Spirit used the Word of God, my life experiences, and your book to form a rock solid foundation for discernment. I meet a lot of Believers who don't recognize how Eastern religious views and Roman Catholicism are encroaching into Christianity today....So a huge thank you, Dave, for having the wisdom from the Lord to write that book so many years ago. The Seduction of Christianity is as relevant today as it was when I first read it. I too look forward to greeting you in Heaven. PB (email)