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Hello TBC,
I am a Christian with a doctorate in clinical psychology. I have been blessed very much by your ministry (and that of Dr. and Mrs. Bobgan). Over the past ten years, God, in His grace, has led me out of the wine of Babylon that is modern psychology. I continue to ask for His guidance in keeping me free from these errors, which are fatal to the Christian. Thank you for your faithfulness in preaching the Word. KN (email)
Dear Mr. McMahon,
I wanted to let you know that I so enjoyed your “memory of Dave” article (May 2013). It really gave a behind-the-scenes insight of someone whose work has changed and enlightened me…thank you! I want you to know that you are daily in my prayers and my hope is that you will carry on the great work that Dave began. This ministry means so very much to me. It is a beacon of light on the truth of God’s Word. I, like you, was raised a Catholic and the very first time I questioned Catholicism was when I overheard my dad lecturing my brother about skipping church and saying that it was a sin he could go to hell for. I was shocked, but this was only the beginning of my turning. A Woman Rides the Beast was a great source of information and confirmation. I praise God that it was put into my hands. Until then I did not know Dave Hunt or The Berean Call but his and your writing and witness have so strengthened me that I just can’t imagine not having that light in my life. I know you will carry on the good work and that God is already equipping you for this challenge. Just wanted to thank you and encourage you. God bless you all at the Berean Call and the good work you do! LL (email)
Brother McMahon,
I am 89 years of age and have been receiving your publication for many years. I sincerely believe that it is the best thing that is printed to lead the readers in the right way (next to the Bible itself)! We have lost a good advisor and friend by brother Dave’s passing, and I will miss him. Please keep up the good work. The USA needs you! OJ (MI)
I have been deeply encouraged by the ministry of The Berean Call…please know how thankful I am for all you do [to get] the Truth out there. I was saved out of sin and out of Catholicism over 30 years ago as a young gal in a very Catholic area in Iowa. My high school had over 900 people in it and 11 of us regularly gathered together for prayer. We could not think of another possible born-again Christian in our school. As I matured in my faith in the Lord, I was amazed at how often people would vehemently defend the idea that “Catholics” are saved. (I believe it is possible that there may be some saved people sitting IN a Catholic church, but you have to decide if you are really Catholic [i.e., believing the doctrine of the Catholic church] or believing the biblical gospel message.) As I set myself apart from those who would so defend the Catholics, I became more and more isolated. Later I began speaking up about the emergent church, oftentimes being the only one who would take a public stance against it. Ha! I was not made for that! I was just fine being calm and a peacemaker and sitting on the fringes. But I could not bear for false teachings to continually go forth and not say anything when no one else would. God pushed me into becoming more vocal. I was timid and lacked a good support system to encourage me onward. The Lord remained so very faithful and He was and is my support system! Others have been there for just the right times as well. I have a deep thankfulness for Dave Hunt (and all of you) for being so bold, and for sharing all you have learned with us. It was so helpful for me at different times to have your materials via books or the internet or newsletters come into my life once again to uplift me in those times of isolation. KD (IA)
Berean Call,
The world has certainly lost one of its greatest defenders of the faith in Dave Hunt. I can say with certainly that Dave’s teachings clarified any confusing questions I had about my faith and gave me a better understanding of God’s Word. I know that Ruth and readers of The Berean Call are comforted by the fact that Dave is now enjoying his eternal reward in the presence of his Lord and Savior. TC (email)

A Note From Ruth

I hold before me another day’s communications expressing the outpouring of comfort from those who also loved and appreciated the ministry of my dear David in their lives. Please know that each expression of love and sympathy is deeply felt. It is beautiful indeed to be a part of God’s loving family and to share in both the sorrow of loss and the triumph of resurrection life (2 Corinthians:1:3-5).

With love and affection in our Lord Jesus Christ, Ruth Hunt