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Dear Sir,
A few weeks ago I had requested to be removed from your mailing list and I made some remarks about Mr. Dave Hunt (deceased) and how he viewed the Catholic faith.

I have recently read his book A Woman Rides the Beast and I was blown away by what he said. I am now convinced that he was right and I was wrong and I would like to apologize for my earlier remarks about him....I would also like to request to be put back on your newsletter subscription. Again, please accept my apology. AL (CO, prisoner)

To the TBC Staff,
Regarding the book/movie, Heaven Is for Real, when the apostle Paul “was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter” (2 Cor:12:4), why would anyone else be allowed to do so? It seems this one verse shoots down all who have claimed this experience. Thank you for all the timely articles. DM (MN)

Dear Mr. McMahon,
We agree with much, almost all, of what you stand for. We part ways, however, when you turn to the modern perversions of the Bible. I have had some communication with you all on this matter, and with no results....I do not believe the KJV is better than the original language manuscripts, but it is just as good, and without error. I can’t read Greek or Hebrew, and thus would have to trust the scholars to show me what the original language manuscripts say. I believe God has preserved His Word and made it available to the common person in the common language of today. All the modern versions are based on corrupt manuscripts. You might say that the NKJV is the exception, but the people who came up with this “Bible” were definitely influenced by the corrupt manuscripts.

Your March 2014 issue has a “Bible” verse from what appears to be a NKJV or something, definitely not the Authorized King James Version. If you can’t agree with me on this issue, then please do not send us your magazine or any other communication. KD (NE)

Hello Mr. McMahon,
You might already be aware of the billboards in central Ohio that read “Jesus is a Muslim.” I have done some computer research and have found little opposition from anyone, including preachers. This is alarming. I feel Muslims might be testing Americans to see if we are offended and respond....Billboards are very effective. We must counteract this by putting Bible verses on billboards....I fear for America’s future....What should church leaders do about this? I know billboards are expensive to rent....Isn’t it possible for churches to pool their money and rent a substantial number of billboards across America? A statement like “Wake up America! Jesus is Lord!” would be good for starters....I am praying about this and writing letters to a number of preachers. RD (OH)

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
My wife and I were saddened to read of Dave’s death just now. We both met Dave a couple of times in the UK. He was a most wonderful man of God. Now and then I check back on TBC’s website and found out about his death today. His death reminds me again that all is not well with our world and teaches me to cling to Christ all the more. I know you will all miss Dave, but I look forward to the time when we will all be together again. LP (email)

Dear TBC,
Thank you so much for the monthly Berean Call publication. I look forward to it each month. A lot of the books and movements you warn of I have never heard of, but I do see in what I am familiar with a lot of the gimmicks that you warn of and I am very grateful. I’m especially grateful for you opening my eyes to the Roman Catholic Church and psychobabble. You have really taught me how to rightly divide my Bible! JM (PA)

Tom McMahon and staff,
Your June 2014 Quotable [from William MacDonald] and the quote from Psalm 18 convicted my heart greatly. If I have really trusted Jesus then I shouldn’t worry. If I love Christ and all others then I should have no fear or worry, just love in my heart! PW (FL)