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TBC Staff

[TBC: As yesterday's update demonstrated, apparitions of Mary are a worldwide phenomena. It is also interesting that such apparitions appeal to a variety of religious "faiths." The following excerpt is from the "Global Psychics" website.]
Why Does Mary Appear?
Mary seems to appear in certain locations not just with global warnings and messages, but to specifically alert certain groups to coming challenges, and perhaps to encourage extra prayers and healing in times of great need. One of our visitors questioned Gaia, a wonderful South African channel about the meaning of Mary's appearances in Betania:
Dear Gaia: I live in Venezuela, South America. Right now we are facing the greatest crisis in all our history, not only in the real material world but in the spiritual world. The fight against good and evil has manifested itself in great force here. If you look at us in a world map, we are at the top of South America, in front of the Caribbean sea. I would like your words. I live 45 minutes from Betania, where our Lady has manifested herself in great splendor. We knew something was coming but never imagined this disaster. Least of all, never imagined worldwide consequences. The planet has grown small, Our Lady holds it in her hands. We are fighting communism and treachery here manifested suddenly 4 years ago. We are a peace loving country, 80% of the population is right now virtually kidnapped in our own country. So far we have avoided real real confrontation but there seems no other way out, so soon, there will be a great disaster here. Your words will be appreciated. Ana  
Dear Ana, The Lady is indeed holding this Planet in her hands. To protect it and the beings on it. She knows too that many imbalances exist that need to be corrected, otherwise this Earth can be destroyed at the hands of those who do not have the interests in their Hearts of Mother Earth and those who inhabit her.  Restoring the balance will not be a painless process, unfortunately. Your logic and mind will tell you that, as well as your Heart.  
Those who seek peace will eventually overcome, although it may not seem to be like that to you at present. Your country is of importance to the Lady, since she has shown her presence there, as a result of your devotions and entreaties.  
Allow the process to take its course.  Hold your faith and Heart.  When you perceive injustices and wrongs, do what you can to expose and unite against them, for the Time of Truth is also upon humanity.  But, first decide whether an injustice or wrong has been committed, for the Highest Good can work in many ways.  Also, be cautious of employing the same methods as those who are seen to be the wrongdoers.
With much love. Gaia
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