Austin's First Mobile Meditation Center Opens |

TBC Staff


We all know how much Austinites love their food trucks. But how about a food truck for the brain? Enter Peace Box.

The shipping container turned meditation studio just south of downtown Austin hosted its grand opening Saturday. The pop-up mobile center was born from an idea and a bit of intention from Stacy Thrash.

“I was 30 years working in the corporate world as a sales manager for a major publishing company. My company had a downsizing in June of last year and it was a great opportunity because I had planted the seed of doing something else in my career.” Thrash said.

Thrash got certified to teach meditation in 2014 and decided this year, she wanted to not only practice meditation but teach it to fellow Austinites.

“I have a friend who builds these boxes for a living, making food trucks and various things for vendors, and I thought what a great way to offer meditation, not only for people in the community but also bring it to the work place,” Thrash said.

The center seats eight people and is designed to guide meditation practices though classes and workshops.

“This place makes me smile. It’s incredible,” said Daniel Potter. “You can be at work and come over here and clear your mind, clear your thoughts, get your head on right.”

Meditation has been around for thousands of years and is defined as engaging in thought or contemplation; reflect. Some have criticized the practice, calling it hoaky, false and magical. But there’s science behind it.

Classes at Peace Box usually run 30-45 minutes with an indoor/outdoor mix. The price for one guided meditation is $15, five-packs are $60, and 10-packs will cost $100.

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[TBC: As we have pointed out, Eastern Mysticism inspired meditation is neither biblical nor scientific. Please see the March 2016 newsletter for further information: ]