Australian Psychologists Push Teaching Gay Marriage Support and Gender Transition for Young Kids |

TBC Staff

A group of psychologists in Australia have released a guide urging parents and teachers to be supportive of children questioning their gender identity and to back gay marriage.

Opposing ads from groups defending traditional marriage as a union between one man and one woman have warned that legalizing gay marriage could lead to boys wearing dresses in school, however.

The guide from the Australian Psychological Society…encourages parents to teach primary and secondary schoolchildren to support the practice.

"Another misconception is that some people worry that children will be harmed in same-sex families, and believe that children do better when they have both a mother and father. This is not true, but also irrelevant to the marriage equality debate," the guide claims in its advice to parents on what they should tell their children about marriage.

"What's important is to have a family that loves and cares for you (regardless of their gender or sexual orientation)."

What is more, the guide tells parents to let their children know "that it's OK to question one's sexual orientation (i.e., who you are attracted to) or one's gender identity, and that there are many different ways for people to 'be' in the world."

Groups defending the traditional definition of marriage have warned that schools are taking away parents' rights, however.

"School taught my son that he could be in a dress next year if he felt like it," one parent says in a video ad released by the Coalition for Marriage on Monday, which is urging Australians to vote 'no' on gay marriage.

Another woman says that "kids in year seven are being asked to role play being in a same-sex relationship."

(Zaimov, “Australian Psychologists Push Teaching Gay Marriage Support, Gender Transition for Young Kids,” ChristianPost Online, August 29, 2017).

[TBC: Both heterosexual sins (e.g., fornication, adultery) and homosexual sins (men with men, women with women) result in separation from God. God is no respecter of persons regarding “the wages of sin.” Yet there is a major difference. Homosexuality [and transgenderism] is an assault against the way God made things—His creation order. It goes far beyond disobedience to His instructions; it is an affront to the Creator of nature by glorifying His creatures, by exalting humans, and by corrupting natural sexuality. It is a sin (although that is vigorously denied by many “within” the church) of such consequence that should the LGBT community achieve its goal of worldwide acceptance of its practice of sex as an “alternate lifestyle,” it would sound the death knell for the human race (see the October 2015 newsletter).]

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