Battle For The Mind |

TBC Staff

Psychic power doesn’t bring peace. The mind trip is a mind trap. Fear of the “dark side” haunts the psychic, the fear that the Force may turn on the one who seeks to manipulate it, or that someone will use psychic power against him. In the mind-science cults, negative thoughts are just as powerful as positive ones. The dark side of the Force is just as strong as the light side. This is why it is not easy to get a Christian Scientist to discuss his beliefs. He is afraid that the negative thoughts of others might adversely affect him Mrs. Poole explains how she felt:I was afraid of anyone who wasn’t a Christian Scientist, afraid of the effect their thoughts would have upon me. That was why I wouldn’t go to a medical doctor, even when I knew—in spite of my belief that sickness was an illusion—that I was very ill. I was afraid of the doctor’s thinking. If he said I had something bad, that would make it so, even if it weren’t true.”

     Dave Hunt, Battle For The Mind,  The Berean Call, 2000, p. 34, 35