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TBC Staff

[Excerpts from a public school teacher's blog, or "I like the facts, but only the facts I like."]

But back to the real distinction: no, I don't believe in evolution--I know that it's real. It doesn't require believing in. And I don't "just know it," like the vacuous air-head. I have all the objective evidence I need for real knowledge. The reality of evolution having occurred and continuing to occur is every bit as strongly established as the knowledge that the Earth is round, that germs cause disease, that electrons exist, or that the speed of light is -- 300,000 kilometers/second. If anything, I have more daily-life experience to show me evolution happening than I have for those other things. I can see that offspring aren't identical to their parents. I have seen new varieties of plants and animals developed within my own lifetime. I live in an area where boll weevils often win the evolutionary race to develop resistance to pesticides. I can easily catch a case of (newly evolved) resistant staphylococcus, which might very well kill me. I have seen and touched and personally found the fossils of the now-extinct ancestors of living creatures (Riggins,, 10/02).

[TBC: Creationists have acknowledged the ability of organisms to adapt to changing conditions. We would suspect, however, that were Mr. Riggins to step into his time machine and travel back as far as he could, he would find the same boll weevils, easily recognized, and unchanged in form. It remains, therefore, a case of "Great is thy faith."]

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