Benny Apologizes |

TBC Staff

I sincerely apologise: Evangelist

BANGALORE, Deccan Herald News Service: 

A few heretical‚ statements in the original edition of the book Good Morning, Holy Spirit‚, brought American televangelist Benny Hinn under fire from some organisations in 1990. Subsequently, Benny Hinn (who has no formal theological education) clarified and promised not to promote in the future the teachings under question. 

After one-and-a-half decades, Benny Hinn publicly apoligised again. This time in India for having offended the sentiments of Indians through the publicity material which spoke ill about idol worship. Addressing a press conference here on Friday night, Benny Hinn was full of remorse for what had happened (protests from pro-Hindu groups). I really love India, I do not say it lightly, (Deccan Herald News Service, 1/22/05).

[TBC: The Bible unequivocally condemns idolatry. It also amonishes us to speak the truth in love, (Ephesians:4:15).