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TBC Staff

Benny Hinn Returns to Trinidad [Excerpts]

American televangelist Pastor Benny Hinn, one of the few people to ever meet Juliana Pena, the spiritual adviser of former prime minister Patrick Manning, is returning to Trinidad for a three-day "Fire Conference".

And this time, it will cost believers $600 for the three-day conference at Miracle Ministries in Chaguanas. There are no special group packages and the fee is not all-inclusive.

The conference is scheduled to begin on February 17. Hinn, on his first visit, predicted Manning, then opposition leader, would become the country's next prime minister.

He also said he cast out more devils in Trinidad than he had done in a long time, attracting criticism from several religious groups.

In 2006, during his second visit in May, Hinn met Pena.

In a televised edition on one of his "This is Your Day" programmes the following year, Hinn said Manning was foolish.

"Years ago, I was in Trinidad... This man was sitting on the platform and I will be the next prime minister and he is till now. I was in his (Manning’s) office a few months ago...he brought with him a very foolish woman who called herself a 'prophetess'," Hinn said.

"He came to the room with this woman and said, 'I have a gift for you.'

"God speaks to me through her. She has been a great blessing to the Government. I'm thinking, 'You foolish man'. This woman reaches out to touch me and I grab her hand in mid air. 'Don't touch me,' I said.

"Shaken, I said, 'Mr Prime Minister, I honour you but I don't know who this woman is... nobody will lay hands on me,' and I walked out of the room. Whether it is the prime minister or president, nobody lays hands on me. I don't know what spirit is in her. Don't let people touch you."

[TBC: In the September 1995 issue of the newsletter, Dave Hunt wrote: “Consider Benny Hinn on TBN (with Paul and Jan Crouch laughing uproariously), telling with much merriment of a man's wig flying off when he fell ‘under the power’ after Hinn touched his forehead. The man pulled the wig back on, a bit askew, got up and Hinn touched him again just to see him fall and the wig fly off. He did this five times, admitted Hinn, laughing impishly. Was this God's power on display? Surely not!

Then what power was it that caused the man to fall repeatedly, this power that Hinn claims to pick up at the graves of Kathryn Kuhlman and Aimee Semple McPherson? Such questions involving not only Hinn but many others must be faced seriously!” If Hinn is so concerned about the"power" in Juliana Pena, what then is the "power" in him that is used so capriciously?]