Better Self Reflection Through Occultism |

TBC Staff

Occultism is on the rise inside and outside the church. "Is Tarot Just a Cool Self-Help Deck of Cards?" by Daniel Wise outlines the way Tarot Card reading and mindfulness are being advertised and mainstreamed as tools for "self-reflection."

The attempt to present tarot as a rational tool for introspection that can be picked up by people of virtually any religious belief is common in American spirituality today. It has, for example, been prevalent in Buddhism in recent years, though in this case it can be traced back to mid-20th century enthusiasts and popularizers like “the Alans” (Ginsburg and Watts), and even earlier, to late-19th century European colonization of Buddhist Asia.

Daniel Wise explains this path to legitimization and Western consumption has been trodden before:

We’ve seen this phenomenon most recently in the appropriation of mindfulness for Western use. Mindfulness is separated from Buddhism and “sanitized” for use by the American spiritual and medical establishments.

Much of the church has traded exchanged Sola Scriptura for faith and practice for spiritual growth through Mindfulness and the Enneagram. How long before Tarot Cards are a staple of the church? Oh, that's right. There is a Christianized version already is in some churches called Christalignment cards.