Bible-believing Episcopal Penalized |

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Bible-believing Episcopal penalized [Excerpts]

Officials with the national church have "inhibited" Bishop Mark Lawrence, taking away his clearance to perform ministry functions for 60 days -- the time allotted for him to respond to allegations having to do with the division between the liberal, dominate faction of the church and biblically based members like himself. In response, his diocese has severed its relationship with the Episcopal Church.

Jeff Walton of The Institute on Religion & Democracy (IRD) [said] the move began as the Episcopal Church approved same-sex blessings and embraced transgenderism, among other things.

"The diocese separated itself from those actions and says, We don't recognize this and We're not going to participate in many of the different functions of the broader church that are proclaiming what Bishop Lawrence referred to as a 'false gospel of indiscriminate inclusivity,'" Walton reports.

He is certain the House of Bishops will convene later and defrock Lawrence, undoubtedly leading to a multimillion-dollar court battle over ownership of church properties.

"I think the Episcopal Church has really shot itself in the foot by doing this," the IRD spokesman comments. "They're losing one of their larger, more vibrant dioceses. Indeed this diocese is one of the few that's posted growth in recent years, and there is just nothing that the liberal leadership of the Episcopal Church is really gaining by effectively forcing this diocese out the door."