Bible is Better |

TBC Staff

Just a few items of biblical teaching contrasted with the ideas of man being promoted at the same time.

Genesis:3:15; 22:18: Both male and female possess "seed of life."

Current Wisdom: Male has baby in him. Woman is only the recepticle or incubator which the baby develops in.

Leviticus:17:12,14: Eating blood of animals is forbidden.

Current Wisdom: Raw blood used as beverage.

Leviticus:17:15: Don't eat animals that died natural deaths.

Current Wisdom: No restrictions on manner of death.

Leviticus:17:11-14: Blood is essential to life.

Current Wisdom: Disease and spirits reside in blood. Bleeding is regarded as an effective treatment.

Leviticus 13-15: Quarantining individuals with certain diseases.

Current Wisdom: No isolation of diseased.

Leviticus 11: Don't eat pork (pigs were scavengers In Moses' day).

Current Wisdom: No food restrictions.

Leviticus:15:19-33: Avoiding bacterial contamination - cleansing or destroying anything coming into contact with a diseased individual.

Current Wisdom: No rules of hygiene or isolation or recognition of contagion problems.

Deuteronomy:23:12-14: Human waste products to be buried.

Current Wisdom: Human waste left on ground.