The Bible vs Psychology |

TBC Staff

The Bible is not only the authoritative guard and guide as should be the case for scientific inquiry and technological advances; but Scripture is the exclusive source of truth for understanding the condition of man and for knowing how to overcome sin and live pleasing to God.  Psychological therapy and any other psycho-religious system, such as Twelve-Step programs, operate in the nonphysical realm.  But psychological theories and therapies advanced by both secularists and Christians are intruders in the nonphysical realm because they did not originate from Scripture.  They originated  elsewhere, in the imaginations of men’s minds and from subjective observations based upon unbiblical presuppositions.

The Bible was not written as a science text on physical aspects of the universe.  Rather, it was written for the express purpose of revealing to man what he needs to know about living in relationship to God and to others.  Within that revelation comes the knowledge of the Fall, the sinful condition of unredeemed man, God’s provision for salvation, and how a redeemed person is to live in relationship to God and man through the new life in Jesus Christ.  Between the Bible’s covers lie “exceeding great and precious promises, that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature” (2 Peter:1:4).  The Word of God is revealed truth about mankind, with no error or bias.

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