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TBC Staff

"O how love I Thy law: it is my meditation all the day." -- Ps:119:97
"Ye search (or search ye) the Scriptures: and these are they which bear witness of Me." -- John:5:39
"The word did not profit them, because they were not united by faith with them that heard." -- Heb:4:2

[There] is more than one passage upon the use of God's word in the life of grace...I would fain once again come back to this all-important point. I cannot too earnestly and urgently address this call to my beloved young brothers and sisters: Upon your use of the word of God your spiritual life in great measure depends. Man lives by the word that proceedeth from the mouth of God. Therefore seek with your whole heart to learn how to use God's word aright. To this end, receive the following hints. Read the word more with the heart than with the understanding: with the understanding I would know and comprehend; with the heart I desire, and love, and hold fast. Let the understanding be the servant of the heart. Be much afraid of the understanding of the carnal nature, that cannot receive spiritual things (1 Cor:1:12,27; 2:6,12; Col:2:18).

Read the word always in fellowship with the living God. The power of a word depends on my conviction regarding the man from whom it comes.

First set yourself in loving fellowship with the living God under the impression of His nearness and love: deal with the word under the full conviction that He, the eternal God, is speaking with you; and let the heart be silent to listen to God, to God Himself (Gen:17:3; 1 Sam:3:9,10; Isa:50:4; 52:6; Jer:1:2).

(Andrew Murray, excerpt from The New Life, Words of God for Young Disciples of Christ, Chapter 51).