The Big Difference |

TBC Staff

Scripture is God-centered. Psychology is man-centered. The Bible teaches that our purpose in life is to glorify God. Therefore, everything else is subjugated to that purpose. Psychology, being man-centered, has as its highest goal the happiness of the individual. This is the foundation for the current emphasis on felt need. If mankind’s ultimate purpose is his own happiness, then all other things in life, including God, become means to secure that happiness.

Psychology teaches that happiness cannot be obtained if one is lonely, lacking in self-esteem, unfulfilled, etc. Therefore, whatever can satisfy these so-called felt needs is a positive thing. But such pursuit shifts the focus of life from others (Philippians:2:1-4) and God (1 Corinthians:10:31) to the “all-important” self. This worldview is completely at odds with the scriptural worldview.  Since this is true, to offer God or salvation as the means whereby our felt needs are satisfied is a perversion of biblical teaching at best, and more likely a false gospel.

                   Gilley, This Little Church Went to Market, pp. 64-65