Body by Design |

TBC Staff

Design, purpose, and amazing patterns are revealed in the human body as the handiwork of our wonderful Lord. Each vertebrate of the body has an even number of segments. Each hand has an even number of muscles and tendons in its forearm. The Master Craftsman fashions a masterpiece that human hands have never, and will never, be able to duplicate. He is a skilled engineer, stringing a network of nerves—a system of communication that makes the telephone systems in our largest cities seem simple in comparison. He adds muscles and ligaments, each in the exact size, not too long nor too short, planned skillfully to suspend, support, and act as the guy wires of a suspension bridge. Then a framework, architecturally perfect, of lime and other minerals for reinforcement, molding and shaping each bone for the stress and strain its location calls for without any precision instruments, without any trial fitting or experimental tests. He built each bone perfectly. All the wonders of construction and yet more! Is it by chance?

Body by Design,  Alan L. Gillen, Masterbooks, 2001, p 149