Brits Turning to Paganism |

TBC Staff

Brits believe in UFOs, aliens, ghosts more than God [Excerpts]

London, Nov 24 : Tales of UFOs, aliens and ghosts are believed more than God, according to a new survey.

The study, to mark the DVD release of X Files: I Want to Believe, has found that while 54 per cent of [Brits] are convinced the Almighty exists, 58 per cent believe in the supernatural, reports the Telegraph.

They found women were more likely to believe in the supernatural than men, and were more likely to visit a medium.

Nearly a quarter of the 3,000 surveyed by market researchers claimed they had had a paranormal encounter.

Some 37 per cent said aliens and ghosts were the basis of their belief system.

[TBC: By seeking to destroy belief in Christianity, skeptics have only opened the doors for belief in almost anything. They have unwittingly created a pagan and superstitious generation.]