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Cafeteria Religion

Buddhist Blends 4

We have been highlighting some passages from a recent article detailing efforts to bring Buddhism and Christianity together:

“Seated next to an altar adorned with a statue of Buddha, flowers and incense, [the teacher] is the picture of patience, as serene as the Buddha himself. She queries [her class] once more.”

“Buddhism sees itself as a practical spirituality, does that sound familiar?''

This time, she gets a few knowing laughs. But many seem caught up in the differences between Buddhism and Christianity. In particular, they seem baffled by the Buddhist concept of selflessness.

“We are told, ‘Know thyself,’ and Buddhism says, ‘Know no self,' '' a member of the class, LeGrande Green, offers cheerfully.

''So if you believe in both, you're schizophrenic,'' a woman across the circle mutters. Well, it's only their second class (The Miami Herald (USA), July 3, 2004).

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