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TBC Staff

When they burned the New Testament they pretended a zeal very fervent to maintain only God’s honor, which they said with protestation, was obscured by translation in English, causing much error. But the truth plainly to be said, this was the cause why they were afraid, least laymen should know their iniquity.

A Lollard (a follower of John Wycliffe’s teaching, circa 1450)

[TBC: John Wycliffe (c.1330-1384), a professor at Oxford, believed that the Bible is the supreme authority, clergy should hold no property, and there is no basis for the doctrine of transubstantiation. His greatest contribution was initiating the first complete translation of the Bible into the common English language, finished by his followers, who were known as the “Lollards." 

Wycliffe was brought to trial in 1377, but nothing much came of it, since Wycliffe had powerful supporters in the courts of both nobleman John of Gaunt (son of Edward III) and the King. Wycliffe's doctrines were formally condemned by Pope Gregory XI in 1382, who ordered his arrest. The order was never carried out. Despite additional Catholic condemnation, Wycliffe was left alone, continuing his writings until his death in 1384. Wycliffe was finally condemned 41 years after his death.His books were burned and his body exhumed and burned.]