CAIR to judge: Conceal Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood ties |

TBC Staff

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has requested a judge to not allow an author and investigator to bring up the fact that it has ties to the Islamic terrorist groups Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.However, the favor of concealing such information pertaining to CAIR’s parent groups is not likely to be granted.CAIR – which has been exposed as a terrorist front organization under the guise of a so-called “civil rights” group championing tolerance and fighting “Islamophobia” – has been caught red-handed trying to destroy evidence pointing to its origins deeply rooted in globally recognized Islamic terrorist groups.

“Serving as a CAIR intern, Chris Gaubatz gathered some 12,000 pages of documents that were headed for a shredder at CAIR’s national office in Washington….“The information published in Muslim Mafia, co-authored by David Gaubatz and investigative journalist Paul Sperry, documented CAIR’s founding by members of the Muslim Brotherhood – the group that spawned al-Qaida and Hamas and stated in writing its intent to undermine Western civilization and ultimately bring America under Islamic law.”

In order to avoid the reputation of having connections to Islamic terrorism, CAIR has resorted to much legal repositioning over the past decade. “CAIR filed suit in 2009, claiming – among other things – breach of fiduciary duty, breach of contract, trespass and violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, but in the lawsuit, CAIR does not allege libel or defamation, and has never defended itself against the book’s claims,” Moore recounted. “A trial has yet to be scheduled in the case – which has been delayed for a decade by numerous CAIR legal maneuvers.”

CAIR’s legal team has some major issues to contend with in court as it tries to win the lawsuit.

“In the response to CAIR’s attempt to squelch any discussion of its radical ties in court, the Gaubatzes’ legal team argues the defense is partly based on whether or not CAIR is a criminal entity – upon which no intern would form a ‘fiduciary relationship’ of trust,” Moore pointed out. “CAIR contends Chris Gaubatz’s collection of documents and recording of conversations amounted to a breach of his duty to the organization, but in the brief, attorney Daniel Horowitz argues CAIR’s claim is based on the assumption that it actually is the ‘human rights organization’ it purports to be.”

But Horowitz is confident that CAIR’s days of pulling the wool over Americans’ eyes regarding their support of jihad are coming to a quick end.

“The defense, Horowitz says, will demonstrate to the jury that CAIR’s ‘public face’ as an heir to the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. is ‘a veneer and a subterfuge,’ noting the refusal of CAIR leaders to renounce violence,” Moore noted.

(Haverluck, “CAIR to judge: Conceal Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood ties,” OneNewsNow Online, 7/20/18).