California high school unabashedly celebrates ‘Hijab Day’ |

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California high school unabashedly celebrates ‘Hijab Day’ [Excerpts]

Claiming to not understand why anyone would take exception to a public charter high school’s celebration of Muslim law by observing a day of commemoration, one California principal insists it’s nothing more than a harmless learning experience. The school-wide event [which took] place January 28 was called “Hijab Day,” when female students were encouraged to wear concealing Islamic headdresses as a sign of modesty — or as others would put it, oppression.

Even though Natomas Pacific Pathways Prep (NP3) Principal Tom Rutten has voiced his support and approval of the controversial observance of Islamic culture, he says his school is not guilty of promoting or giving preferential treatment toward the religion.  “It’s not school sponsored — it’s not school run,” Rutten contended Wednesday, according to FOX 40. “We’re not forcing an opinion on anyone.”

Stressing that wearing a headscarf is not mandatory, Rutten says that participating in Hijab Day will enable students to learn valuable life lessons. “Hijab Day is a way of teaching tolerance and understanding of others,” Rutten proclaimed.

According to one student at the school located in the city of Natomas — just northwest of California’s state capitol, Sacramento — Hijab Day is a way of promoting acceptance.  “It taught a lot about respecting one another and to accept that some people wear headscarves,”? claimed Amna, a student at NP3.

Ties to Muslim Brotherhood?

After learning about Hijab Day, Jihad Watch’s expert on Islam, Robert Spencer, was amazed at the pro-Islamic mainstream media coverage, which he says only covered one side of the issue.  “The whole thing is dismissed, as always in the mainstream media, as ‘bigotry,’” Spencer argued. “And, of course, Fox 40 makes no mention of CAIR’s [Council on Islamic-American Relations] ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, the jihad terror convictions of several of its former officials, the fact that the United Arab Emirates designated it a terror organization, etc.”

Spencer argues that the media silenced the other side of the story the same way Islamic law silences and marginalizes women, which is symbolized by their headscarves.

“But it does go out of its way to say I (without naming me) am ‘anti-Muslim,’ without bothering to note the issues regarding the oppression of women and religion-and-state involved here,” Spencer continued. “Typical sloppy and one-sided mainstream media story. In posting it, Hamas-linked CAIR has disabled comments, as they always do. That in itself is telling.”