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TBC Staff

[TBC: We have pointed out the heresy of Tony Campolo in past issues of the newsletter. His most recent book continues to promote his unbiblical teachings. Consider his comments regarding mystic Frank Laubach.]

“While pointing out how important it is for Christians to pray for others, Laubach makes a bold and intriguing proposal for another way of praying. He suggests that in addition to praying for someone in need of God, that we should consider praying to that person as well. He tells us that God may want to work through the praying Christian as a channel to reach into the heart and soul of the person who is in need of saving grace. Laubach proposes that a person who is resisting God might be open to the spiritual impact of a Christian concentrating God’s power on him or her. It is as though, according to Laubach, a praying Christian might be a lens through whom God focuses saving power into another person’s life.

Call it a kind of mental telepathy, but what Laubach is suggesting is that the Holy Spirit flowing into a Christian, as a result of prayer, can stir up spiritual energy in that Christian that can then be directed toward a person who needs Christ’s salvation” (Tony Campolo and Mary Albert Darling, “The God of Intimacy and Action: Reconnecting Ancient Spiritual Practices, Evangelism, and Justice,“ 2007, pp 34-35).

[TBC: In “Letters by a Modern Mystic, Frank Laubach (1884–1970)," we are told in the introduction that, “In 1915 Frank Laubach went with his wife to the Philippine Islands as a missionary. In 1930 he returned to Mindanao to work with the Mohammedan Moros who regarded the Christian Filipinos as their enemies. Laubach, however, went with a heart filled with the presence of God and sought only to live among them, not trying to coerce them into Christianity, but living each moment with a sense of God’s presence.“ Laubach apparently was able to live “each moment with a sense of God’s presence“ while many around him went into a Christless eternity.“]